Janet was born in Southern New Jersey, the youngest of four. While she was growing up, all of her siblings were listening to rock music, so Janet never knew a world without it. At age 11 her sister took her to her first concert. The sights, the sound, the smell, the whole atmosphere, was all new and exciting to her. Hundreds of concerts later, obviously some of the fascination had faded, but the love of music and the respect of the talent behind it grows deeper.

She started playing bass guitar at age twelve, jammed with a few bands in high school and performed with the band Isabella, an incarnation of the former New Brunswick band, Catharsis. After disbanding, she played briefly with Static, currently known as Digger Phelps. Though currently between musical projects, she is looking to find a new band with which to play. Her main passion will always be photography however.

Having managed a photo lab, Janet is very experienced with color and B&W printing. Much of her current photographic work is digital, and she is well-versed in Photoshop, largely due to both her countless hours spent in the darkroom, as well as her years of computer experience. She has also studied painting, drawing, sculpture, and has learned in her studies the beauty of the human anatomy, which can be seen in some of her photographs.

She has been published in the Asbury Park Press, Photographer's Forum, Bass Guitar Magazine, and online for Starvox Music Zine, the official websites for Gene Loves Jezebel, The Empire Hideous (including bookcover photo credits for Myke Hideous's autobiography), The Independents, Les Baton Rouge, as well as numerous fansites.

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All photos by Janet N. Zappasodi 2002-2005

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